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scalp analysis with micro-camera

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Apart from special problem cases, an analysis is recommended 1- 2 times a year

The scalp is examined at 50x and 200x magnification.

Around 20-25 photographs of the scalp clearly show

the reasons for the condition of your scalp and hair.

Evaluate your hair growth as you age.


Analysis with scalp camera detects;

  • How well your hair follicles (roots) are nourished

  • Hair quantity in the growth phase

  • Thickness and quality of newly growing hair 

  • Quantity of old redundant hair (space invaders)

  • Whether every follicle is hosting a hair

  • The consistency and quality of the scalp's sebum (oil)


Complimentary 15-minute consultation

 1st analysis costs CHF 250.– 

(includes check-up - conditions apply)

Analysis and consultation take approx. 60-80 minutes


Each analysis after that costs CHF 165.–

The online consultation rate is

30 minutes CHF 85.–  (approx. US $ 90.–)



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