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Aaron John Hale

My passion is to live with a happy mind and body.

I believe in a holistic approach: sound advice, treatments, and products tailored to suit your specific individual needs. First and foremost, I take care of your well-being and promote healthy hair, skin, and lifestyle habits

I have been in the hair, beauty, and coaching industry for over 30 years. I currently work with Yelasai, Ringana, and Davines. These companies place a special emphasis on using only natural, high-quality services and products that combine centuries-old traditions with cutting-edge science and technology. They are aware of the impact that the world of "consumer beauty" has on the environment and are constantly developing innovative alternatives. We are exposed to many challenges at the same time: stress, hectic daily life, pollution, poor quality of food and beverages, irregular sleep, and so on. These can have a greater impact on our physical and mental state than is generally recognised. Whether you want to focus on a healthier and happier lifestyle, more radiant hair and beautiful skin, or both, contact me for a consultation, and let's find out together what the first steps might be.

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